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Melatonin 2,5 mg - 120 Tablets

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Sleep inductor product, stimulates the immune system and protects the central nerve system.

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Melatonin is a sleep hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain (epiphysis) and the retina. It occurs in the same molecular form in very different organisms such as animals, plants, insects and bacteria. Melatonin is involved in various physiological processes such as drowsiness, sleep-wake cycles, circadian rhythms, blood pressure regulation and immune system activity. Melatonin secretion is inhibited during the day and stimulated at night. Maintaining this resynchronisation has a major influence on our health.

In the 1960s the American military was very interested in Melatonin in order to understand the secrets of hibernation in outer space. Shortly thereafter, various scientific investigations discovered that it has positive health properties. Melatonin's benefits as an antioxidant, antidepressant and aid for treating sleep disorders are well known today.

Studies from 2005 with people who suffer from insomnia suggest that taking Melatonin reduces the transition time between wakefulness and sleep, thus raising the quality and duration of sleep (1). New studies provide reason to suspect that Melatonin is effective in children with sleep disorders (2). In addition, Melatonin seems to be able to alleviate some disruptions in the sleep-wake cycle (sundown syndrome) associated with Alzheimer's disease (3).

Numerous clinical trials from 2002 concluded that Melatonin reduces the effects of jetlag and could thus be beneficial for travellers as well as airline pilots (4).

According to researchers at the CNRS, the Pasteur Institute in Lille and Imperial College London, there is a correlation between Melatonin production and type 2 diabetes. Without Melatonin, disruptions in the circadian rhythm cause hyperglycaemia (elevated glucose levels) and increase the risk of diabetes (5). This shift in rhythms also causes abnormal insulin production and is associated with obesity.

Cell studies with animals and people have shown that Melatonin has significant anti-cancer properties. It can destroy various types of tumour cells or reduce their rate of growth.

The spectacular results published in the journal PLoS ONE on 15 June 2009 suggest that Melatonin can slow down the effects of aging. In the Arago lab (CNRS / Pierre and Marie Curie University), scientists found that Melatonin supplements lower the appearance of the first signs of aging in a small nocturnal mammal (house shrew) by 25% (6).

Melatonin production can be disrupted as a result of going to bed too late, stressful situations, irregular sleeping hours as well as electromagnetic waves (artificial lighting, antennae relay, high voltage power lines, mobile phones, etc.). People with heart disease have low Melatonin levels, yet it remains unclear whether this is a cause or a result of heart disease. The therapeutic properties of Melatonin are very important since all of our physiological processes (e.g. immune and circulatory systems, etc.) are temporally organised, and numerous disorders result from biological rhythms being out of synch. This especially occurs as we age.

In order to prevent any possibility of contamination from pineal gland extracts derived from animals, our Melatonin supplements are 100% synthesised in the lab. According to various studies, numerous plants (kudzu, feverfew, St. John's wort) and especially nuts (7) supply a substantial amount of Melatonin.

packaging unit 120 tablets - 2,5 mg
other ingredients Additive: Microcrystalline cellulose, lactose.
composition Per tablet: Melatonin 2,5 mg.
recommended intake Take 1 tablet (about 2,5 mg) 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. If you're jetlagged take 1 to 2 tablets (about 2,5 to 5 mg).
additional advice

Do not take more than the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied healthy diet.

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